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Tuesday, May 06, 2003 

Knowledge Management - The Chinese Way?

Olaf Brugman: "Chinese knowledge management! I wonder about language issues, and it makes me wonder where knowledge management expertise sits in China, whether the concepts are the same, and whether there are things to learn from Chiness KM!"

Off-line, I have been exchanging emails with Olaf. He wrote that: "...KM might be perceived differently than in the West (and it should be, may be, since KM approaches that prove to work in the UK don't work in the Netherlands (and vice versa), due to cultural issues, mainly."

I don't know whether there is such thing as a chinese way of knowledge management. For sure, knowledge management practices have been part of life for a very long time in many cultures. The practice of meticulous record keeping have long existed before the invention of computers. The question is, in today's internet world, what is so new about knowledge management for a country like China that has a long history of meticulous record keeping? One of the answers is: it makes knowledge creation and management less exclusive to the elites and more democractic where everyone can participate in it just like in blogsphere.

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