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Friday, August 20, 2004 Enters China and When Will Chinese Web Bookstores Enter The World?

Amazon bought, the largest Chinese retailer, meaning that Chinese can have more choices in terms of reading titles as a result of lower logistic cost. Joseph Bosco in Beijing is very happy since he "can soon be buying books without the outrageous cost of shipping."

Now when would the Chinese internet bookstore like go global? The reason I said that is because there are interesting titles from China that I would like to read, such as Ten Records on Diplomacy (外交十記)by former Chinese foreign prime minister QIAN Qishen, Autobiography of My Heart and Mind (我的心靈自傳) by philosopher ZHOU Guoping , We Three (我們仨) by QIAN Zhongshu's wife YAN Jiang and a few other local history titles. I know there is I could use. But they carry only a limited number of book titles and not all of them are the latest. Besides, their prices are just outrageous: their listed price is often the same as what you see at the back of a a Chinese bookcover, except it is not in RMB, but in USD! Plus, there is a hefty shipping charge. I wished I could buy directly from a Chinese internet bookstore like where the listed price is in RMB. However, they don't take in credit cards. Even if they do, I am not sure their system would meet my expectation of e-commerce security and privacy.

So until China has it's own world-class quality internet bookstore, I can only rely on friends who go back to the motherland to do the shopping on my behalf.

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