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Sunday, August 08, 2004 

From Sinosplice Network to Unprovoked

The big move has finally completed! I am now finally settling in - my new web host. My special thanks to John of Sinosplice for finding me an adopter for this site. I am also grateful for his support all along and for helping me with the move. It has been a truely great experience with the Sinosplice Network last year, meeting and having "neighbours" like Derrick in Dalian (now Mask of China), Wayne formerly in Nanjing and now in Taiwan, Hank the laowai monologing in Huabei and many others. (I wonder how many members and "alumni" are there in the Sinosplice Network?)

My special thanks also go to Rebecca at Unprovoked, who have generously shared her webspace with me. She has a very beautifully designed website and I enjoy reading her bake log and recipies. My web host supports PHP, so one of these days, I may try to experiment with new functions on this site.

But for now, at least for the coming days, I have to fix some broken links, reconfigure the search engine, and try to bring back my latest bookmarks somewhere on this site (feedroll temporarily suspended javascript syndication of user-defined xml feeds).

Well, it's good to be blogging again. After 50 days of not blogging, I realized that I can't just live on bookmarks. I need a better place to organize my thoughts and things I learned.

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