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Friday, August 13, 2004 

The Future of Solar Power in China

I found this piece on China's solar power future through Simon World's latest weekly Asia Blog roundup. It reports that:
"China has the potential to collect solar energy worth over 2000 billion tones of coal and state sources have announced that by 2050 China could generate as much as 50% of its electricity through solar power." (word in bold are mine)

The most interesting bit of the report is perhaps the fact that Chinese companies are investing heavily in foreign solar technology which includes:
"a $1.5US million investment in Melbourne based EnviroMission, the designers of a ground-breaking 1 KM height solar chimney...which is designed to supply 200 Megawatts of power, with the view of building further power plants in China."

Perhaps this would be a growing field in China?

Related: Robert Freling, executive director of Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), a non-profit headquatered in America has also briefly talked about the solar power projects SELF run in China's rural area.

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