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Saturday, September 11, 2004 

Another Independent Internet Radio Show on Today's Elections

Switched channel and tunned into Radio-45 which has just begun its broadcasting for today. Radio-45 is another independent radio channel on the internet that is covering today's elections. Unlike 912live.net which is run by mostly amateurs and relies on citizens for its content, the talk shows at Radio-45 are often hosted by well-known names in the media, political, cultural and academic circles. Lots of in-depth analysis and deep discussions, the program also spends lots of its airtime reading out all the ICQ messages from its audience and chatting with listeners who phoned in. The show is not that different from mainstream media except there is more room to talk and it is clearly pro-democracy.

Only problem is the audio feed times out (disconnect) all the time. I have to reconnect to it every few minutes. The radio host attributes that to hackers attack, a problem 912live.net said it also shares. "It's useless to attack. Hong Kong people have many ways to communicate," the radio host just said in Cantonese and also in Mandarin (to the Chinese officials who he thinks are listening).

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