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Monday, September 13, 2004 

Election Results and Media Coverage

The verdict is out. Turnout rate was 56% - a record high. Pro-government Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong's (DAB) won 12 seats, Liberal Party 10 seats and Democrats 7 seats. Longhair, the "radical" marxist street activist was elected by more than 60,000 voters (he is actually a very articulated man who really knows and cares about the grassroot issues). Albert Cheng, the radio host, who quit his job because of threats, was also elected. Here is a look at how media covered the story.

Dow Jones, stating the fact: Democrats Falter, Pro-Govt Parties Gain Ground

China Daily (in Chinese government's opinion): Newly elected LegCo means a stable SAR

Voice of America: Hong Kong Votes for Stable Relations with Beijing

Guardian: Hong Kong opposition fails to make elections headway

CNN: Election blow for HK Democrats

Economist: A dark day for the democrats (as seen on Google News) and "A disappointing day for the democrats" in the article.

Radio Netherlands: Dashed hopes in Hong Kong

San Jose Mercury News: Hong Kong resists change

BBC summarizes views from Chinese langauge press:
"Results from the Legislative Council elections in Hong Kong came too late for the region's press, but papers on both sides of the political spectrum welcome the high turnout as a victory for democracy.

Pro-Beijing dailies hope for a change of heart among the democratic camp and exhort them to be more cooperative in future. Independent-minded papers meanwhile seem content that whoever wins, Beijing must respect the popular clamour for greater openness."

EastSouthWestNorth also has lots more to say.

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