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Wednesday, October 20, 2004 

Hong Kong: Calls for Universal Sufferage Unabated

Via Cyd Ho's internet radio show today:

Dr. Cheung Chiu Hung (張超雄) had put forward a motion that calls for a referendum on universal sufferage at Monday's Legco Constitutional Affairs Committee meeting. Needless to say, the motion was not enacted. Cheung was fiercely critized by chinese language newspaper, Tai Kung Po, the following day. Mainstream media neglected to mention Cheung's motion and chose to report on travel insurance matters instead, Cyd Ho noted in the show.

Update: Tom has collected some news clippings on the proposed referendum. Chinese language press, Ming Pao, raised a very good question in its editorial on October 22: "if Beijing has the democractic consciousness to let Hong Kong people decide on its future democractic development by means of a referendum, then where lies the reason against Taiwan's referendum on its future?" [Note that the editorial did not mention the word independence when mentioning the case of Taiwan.]

Civil Human Rights Front, the chief organizer of last year's Janurary 1st demonstrations, may not call for demonstration on the upcoming New Year's day in order to better concentrate its resources and efforts on next July 1st rally. However, nothing is final yet. Cyd Ho suggested they do a New Year's gala instead which is more fun.

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