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Sunday, November 07, 2004 

More China Aggregators

Just discovered two China aggregators recently.

One is from Chinese Language and Culture Forums which is currently aggregating 12 feeds. As the number of sources it uses are not that many, the aggregator looks very focus. Most of the headlines over there are on news and current affairs from the China Study Group news aggregator and China Digital News, with the remaining few coming from a small number of China bloggers.

Another one is the WatchingChina aggregator which has just came on-line recently. [via Fons] It has a very clean user interface and at first glance it looks like the Living in China aggregator. But it's different and it is more than just a blog aggregator. Its content includes the latest posts from Chinese Language and Culture Forums, website links tagged with China in and selected Furl bookmarks - just to name a few. The aggregator is catered to serve the blogger behind Watching China.

What would be interesting to see is how these web-based public aggregators with a theme improve overtime. I think there are quite a number of functionalities that such type of web aggregators can add to enrich the user experience and to make crawling an ever growing load of information a less daunting task. For instnace, presently information are presented in a linear (reverse chronological) order. Does it have to be this way?

On the other hand, will we have a chance to see pictures tagged with China or latest music mp3s from China showing up somewhere in any of the known China aggregators?

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