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Wednesday, April 13, 2005 

Some Different Views on Anti-Japan Protests

Leylop says no to anti-Japanese.

There are a few voices in the Chinese internet that tried to steer this highly emotional discourse into a more rational direction. E.g. Is it practical to boycott Japanese goods and blindly support made-in-China goods out of patriotism when the quality of Chinese goods (i.e. digital cameras, etc.) are low?

Some of these rational voices (in Chinese) come from Hong Kong, condemned the violence and argued that the targets were misplaced. E.g. It doesn't help but only hurts to target Japanese resturaunts that are owned and run by Chinese (often Hong Kong Chinese) people.

ESWN has translated some views from Hong Kong that appeared on InMediaHK. "It is also more nuanced than the simplistic presentations in the western media," he says.

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