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Tuesday, May 03, 2005 

Virtual Book Collection


My tiny collection of books in Chinese - built virtually using douban, a Chinese-brew social networking website for books (or using books for social networking?). It is more like a collection of wish list items I will never have time to read than a list of books that I have read.

Perhaps it's time to accept the fact that you can't read all the books in the world.

Anyway, here are a few books that I hope they will be translated into English (and maybe other languages) one day, so that the world can have a better idea of Chinese culture and society.

allconsuming.net, another website that I really like for building a virutal book collection has a new face. The new user interface is nice, clean and geeky. It finally embraces tags! But many functions in its previous version were gone and I totally missed them. I have lost my collection on favorite books, currently reading list, etc. I will have to go back and tag them later.

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