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Thursday, June 09, 2005 

Anonymity & Privacy Issues

Micah, thanks for bringing this up : "The danger as I see it is that it's not possible to be anonymous anymore, but was that ever a possibility in China?"

You reminded me of three things.

1. A friend who had once done some research on the Chinese notion of privacy, which, if I remember correctly, there is almost none compared to North America.

2. Some Chinese bloggers who said the practically need to know the real people, real voices, real life, real name, etc. on the Chinese internet. Note that these were not reactions towards the new web registration measures. I'll write more about them tomorrow.

3. This bit I came across recently and have been thinking about for a while in terms of how much anonymity I can have in this new internet world - probably not much.
"But blogs, photo sharing, social networking, and the like make anonymity impractical. In fact, they create incentives to openly share one's unique talents and viewpoints, as a way of gaining clout or attracting new acquaintances."

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