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Saturday, June 04, 2005 

Ding Zilin's Statement This Year

Ding Zilin's Letter to Hong Kong Compatriots was very good. She said that life has not improved under the new administration headed by HU Jintao. Famalies like hers who lost their child in 1989 were more heavily monitored and rounded-up by the authorities at politically sensitive times. Overseas donations made to them were confiscated. The so-called harmonious society is another version of "stability more important than anything else" policy in Deng Xiaoping's and Jiang Zemin's era. Its goal is to more heavily and more effectively suppress as well as destroy any different voices and protests in the society. Justly resolving the "six-fourth" issue is a prerequisite to build the so-called harmonious society, she said.

Ding's speech is also available in video format.

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