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Thursday, June 09, 2005 

Re: Chinese Web Registration: A View from Taipei

An opinion piece by Heterotopias from Taiwan on the non-profit web registration requirements in China. I like the piece quite well and have translated some parts into English as follow.

"Taiwan is not very smart about registration either. Only business entities or non-profit organizations with an operation lincense may register for a domain name. Individuals can only apply for a .idv domain...

A Chinese friend said it well. Talking needs to be done in poetic style (note: that means using metaphors), otherwise, there is no way you can stay alive.

Aside from Chinese bloggers who are living abroad, the entire blogosphere is only talking about technology which is the safest topic. At the same time, this also fits the description Dai Jinhua (戴錦華) had about post-89: China developed post mordenism to replace basic human rights and reform that are inherent in the discourse of modernism.


These people who also speak Chinese are not unrelated to us, regardless of how it look it politically or culturally. The more we can let them hear what is outside the world and let them make their voices heard, the more freedom from fear we have. Apart from anonymous blogging or Epoach Times' dynamic proxy servers to break the Great Firewall, we have no way to understand the needs of the 10 billion people in China. How far can their perspectives be streched by a free internet?

People in Taiwan or Hong Kong, whether caring about democracy, internet freedom, 97 and 64, when society leaned towards depoliticizing the discourse in a post-mordern world after the 1990s, where Chinese authorities strictly controlled politcs, what else can we say? What else deserves our time and mind other than caring for Apple's latest decision to use Intel chips?

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