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Sunday, July 10, 2005 

Global Voices Looking for Bridge Bloggers & Etc.

Global Voices Online is looking for “bridge-bloggers” to bring local conversations to the world and vice versa. This could be you, from mainland China, Taiwan or Hong Kong, who is fluent in both English and Chinese.

Speaking of bridge bloggers, a number of non-Chinese speaking people have asked me for pointers to China blogs. Below are a few that I like that offer a glimpse to what's happening in various parts of China. Mind you, the internet population in China is made up of young people between twenty to thirty five years old and the ones who blog in English are typically from big cities. So it's hard to find out what older people think about Chinese society and what's life is really like in rural areas through English blogs written by Chinese people.

Leylop is a fresh college graduate who has travelled extensively all over China and abroad last year. She has settled back to Hangzhou and continues to write about her life and what she sees happening around her.

Halley Xie is a young female Chinese blogger living and working in Beijing. Like Leylop, her writing has a distinctive voice.

Wang Jianshuo, one of most popular bloggers in Chinese blogosphere whose blog is also read by many non-Chinese from abroad. He writes about his life and things happening in Shanghai.

We Observe the World is a group blog by journalism students in Beijing. The blog shows how young people see their country nowadays.

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