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Wednesday, July 06, 2005 

Now and Then

Solitude by the Pacific Ocean

At the Eagle Aerie Gallery , some words Roy Henry Vickers wrote in 1998:
"I was part of a 1000 mile canoe journey in the Summer of 1997. During the trip I reminisced of the journeys of ancestors who travelled in open cedar canoes up and down the West Coast. When I look at the land I see those who have gone before, their crests of Eagle, Raven, Whale and Wolf can be seen throughout the country...

I wonder about the many changes over the centuries just how much remains the same between now and then.

I am thankful to those who struggle to protect and preserve pristine places for those of our descendants who may think of us as they travel the earth."

It was nice to be back on the island for a short break.

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