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Friday, August 19, 2005 

Quick News Update from the Chinese Blogger Conference

The Chinese Blogger Conference (English-only site in now has a tentative conference agenda and a list of confirmed speakers which will soon include Rebecca Mackinnon.

Rebecca has just announced on her blog that she will moderate an interactive brainstorming session on "Blogging Across Borders" at the confernece. She wrote:

"One thing I hope we'll talk about is how we can do more to foster constructive dialogue online between bloggers in China and Japan. (I'm trying to convince a certain person to join us for that conversation...)

Last night I was chatting over Skype about the conference with Isaac Mao and the Taiwanese blogger Ching Chiao, who I hope will be on the panel. We were thinking it would be really cool if somebody wants to create a "Chinese voices" for the Greater Chinese Blogosphere..."

Definitely a session to look forward to! I'm already excited about the conversations that will that take place and the outcomes that the session may bring.

For more on the latest buzz about the conference from blogosphere or to add yours, check out the tag.

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