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Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Interesting Facts from the National People's Congress

Some interesting facts from the Chinese National People's Congress which ended on Wednesday.

A wacky policy proposal, via Danwei.

"Official Weight" proposal: To cut down on government officials wasting public money on lavish banquets, create an Administrative Ethical Code that includes a weight limit for public servants.

Who are those "People's Representatives"?

Zong Qinghou: Vice Secretary of the CPC Committee of Hangzhou Wahaha Group, Chairman and CEO of Hangzhou Wahaha. 

(I am a bit surprised to learn that Wahaha Group has a CPC branch.)

Now, more serious facts.

Netizens tell it like it is in messages to premier, South China Morning Post.

"Because of the rapid economic development in the east, most of the land has been seized, and most of it illegally," one bitter message read.
"The land in the west is of poor condition and yields poor harvests.
"If this goes on, let's wait till the day when grain prices skyrocket and by that time, we can cook and eat cash notes. Don't expect the US and Canada to sell grain to us."
Another touched on the sensitive topic of political reform.
"If we don't accelerate political reform with all our effort, and witness its effectiveness, even if you work to exhaustion, new problems will arise when old problems are not yet resolved," one posting read.

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