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Friday, March 10, 2006 

The Politics of NPC Standing Committee Nomination

Only in Hong Kong, will you see the politics of "nominating" a local representative for the Chinese National People's Congress being played out somewhat publicly in the press.

As Tsang Hin-chi is expected to step down from the Standing Committee of National People's Congress due to kidney disease, Rita Fan, President of Hong Kong's Legislative, is rumored to have handpicked by the top leaders in Beijing to takeover Tsang's post.

But the decision to handpick Rita Fan is not without opposition. A Hong Kong deputy (very likely a business elite) who did not want to be named told The Standard that:
"Fan's a plausible choice, but not the right pick. An able candidate with a strong business background may be more compatible with the national policy of safeguarding Hong Kong's capitalist values and other interests under the `one country, two systems' concept," said the deputy, who did not want to be named."

This unnamed local deputy would have faced a lot of criticism in Hong Kong for the remarks he made if he was talking within the context of the Hong Kong Legislative Council and not the NPC.

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