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Friday, March 24, 2006 

Southwest China's Market Size

Posted too many negative news on China today. So here is a more upbeat one.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Services sent an email alert on an upcoming high-tech fair in Chongqing. It describes the market size of Southwest China as follows:
"Southwest China offers a large and growing market to producers of a wide range of goods and services for industrial use and retail consumption. The region's population of 180 million provides a US dollar market that when measured in terms of purchasing power parity is 2.75 times greater than the Vietnam market, double the size of the Malaysian market, nearly 30% larger than the Philippine market, and about 10% larger than the Thailand market."

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China's Southwest is amazing in many respects, including its food. I did a post on its leading city (population around 33 million) here:

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