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Friday, April 14, 2006 

Petition to Free Hao Wu

It has been 52 days already. Beijing-based documentary-maker and Global Voices East Asia editor Hao Wu is still in police detention. The police still haven't made any formal charges on Hao and Hao still doesn't have access to a lawyer. According to information provided by the Free Hao Wu website, this contravenes China’s own Code of Criminal Procedure, whereby "a person cannot be held without charge or arrest for more than 37 days."

Friends of Hao Wu have stepped up their campaign and calling for public support to help free Hao Wu.

From the Free Hao Wu website:
"We’d hoped that media pressure would lead to Hu Jintao to release Hao prior to his upcoming meeting with President Bush. Unfortunately, this looks increasingly unlikely. So today we’re launching a letter-writing campaign and a petition to ask for Hao’s immediate release."

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