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Thursday, April 27, 2006 

Photos Better Than Words for Intercultural Understanding

Ziboy, a Chinese photographer who lives in Beijing and one of the world's first photobloggers, is going to hold a photography exhibition, where he has set aside some spaces to showcase photos taken by internet users from around the world.

Global Voices has interviewed Ziboy ahead of the exhibition that will open this weekend in Beijing.

Here is an excerpt:

GV: What reasons do you have for organizing this exhibition and what do you think it will achieve?

Ziboy: This exhibition came about after I received an invitation from event planner Feng Boyi and Dimensions Art Center in Beijing. Other than presenting Ziboy's photographs, this exhibition also hopes to show works from photographers around the world who can be contacted through the internet. The goal is to show how photography and photoblogs are superior to words in facilitating understanding between people from different countries and regions. (Emphasis added.)

Below are the latest photos that people from around the world have sent to a Flickr group for display at Ziboy's exhibition. (You probably won't be able to see them if you are reading this in an aggregator.)

Here is the code for flash photo album above, in case anyone wants to use it on their website.

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Sinosplice's interview with Ziboy

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Like this photo of one girl taking jello-shots off another girl's chest.[email protected]

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