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Monday, May 08, 2006 

"Guiding" the Chinese Internet Discourse

Howard French has wrote a story titled Students put China's spin on Web in today's International Herald Tribune. The point of the story is the authorities is trying to "guide" the discourse in the internet.

"Part traffic cop, part informer, part discussion moderator - and all done without the knowledge of her fellow students - Hu is a small part of a huge effort in mainland China to sanitize the Internet."


"We don't control things, but we really don't want bad or wrong things to appear on the Web sites," she said. "According to our social and educational systems, we should judge what is right and wrong. And as I'm a student cadre, I need to play a pioneer role among other students, to express my opinion, to make stronger my belief in Communism."


"Just as remarkable, though, is how the monitors themselves have been convinced that they are not engaging in censorship, or exercising control over the free speech of others. In interviews with five of the monitors, each initially rejected the idea that they were controlling expression, and occasionally even spoke of the importance of free speech."

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