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Saturday, June 03, 2006 

Anson Chan Condemns Microsoft, Google and Yahoo

SCMP via Asia Media, Anson Chan comments on the compromises that Microsoft, Google and Yahoo made when entering China's market. It striked me that a Chinese voice on this issue is so much more powerful than any statements coming from prominent international NGOs.
"Mrs Chan went on to condemn the oligarchs of the new media -- Microsoft, Google and Yahoo -- for "succumbing to political pressures and compromising their principles" in the pursuit of market access to the mainland, and called on Beijing to embrace a culture of freedom of information.

"No country intent on growth can afford to be outside the global market and the cyberspace highway. That means not only exploiting the advantages that the global market and cyberspace bring, but also playing by international rules, including rules of free and open access," she said."

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