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Saturday, April 08, 2006 

Dongpo Road, Hangzhou in Spring 2006

Originally uploaded by stephen in motion.

Yesterday's news on the massive urban transformation in Shanghai certainly reminds me of the above photo which I came across in Flickr's Hangzhou stream a while ago.

It is a photo of Dong Po Road, a street which I used to frequent and learn a great deal about the lives of many ordinary Chinese people when I was in Hangzhou a couple of years ago.

The photo captures a brand new set of architecture that was built in less than a year since I left the city.

I must say the new buildings look really nice ----- modern, stylish and upscale. Certainly very different from the plain and ugly match-box like three storey buildings that were there before, and I can no longer recognize the neighbourhood on this road. It is great a sense of loss that I cannot describe in words.

But the good old memories of the old Dong Po road will continue to live in my mind.

Sometimes I wonder how all the people whom I met on this road, but no longer in touch with, are doing nowadays?

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