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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 

Getting Prepared for Sudden Gmail Blockade in China

So I heard, not only is Google.com inaccessible in China in recent days, Gmail, the highly popular web-based email application made available by Googe, is also reportedly blocked, although I can still get emails coming out from China.

I guess it's time to make sure that I know of my Chinese friends' alternative contact points, in case Gmail becomes absolutely inaccessible sooner or later one day. Skype, Flickr or any of the popular social networking sites often includes an internal mail-system if not just a listing of one's contact information. And that's just perfect for such purposes.

Update: Shanghai-based Asia Pundit wrote that: "There are problems with Google’s service but these are being massively overstated by RSF. Google and G-Mail services are still working fine here at AsiaPundit Global Headquarters in Shanghai. There were intermittent outages last week, but there was nothing of the sort that indicated a firewall-level block. Beijing residents had a more prolonged outage, although AP understands that this has largely been resolved. The comments at the Peking Duck indicate no blockage in South China."

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