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Monday, June 26, 2006 

Japan, Canada, China and Balanace of Power in Asia

Interesting bits in today's Financial Times on how Japan's Prime Minister wants Canada to help balance China's power in the Asia Pacific region. (Note that Japan is Canada's second biggest export market, and fifth largest source of investment in Canada, according to the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.)

"Japan wants to sound out Mr Harper's Asian policy, particularly since Tokyo considered previous Canadian administrations a little too embracing of China.

Tokyo will suggest Canada becomes a more active participant in the east Asia summit, part of Japan's strategy to widen the pan-Asian forum to countries with "shared values" – shorthand for the likes of Australia and India as opposed to communist China.

Mr Koizumi will also continue his dialogue with Canada on peacekeeping. During his five years in office, Japan has become more active in global problem zones despite the constraints of its pacifist constitution."

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