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Monday, June 05, 2006 

Wang Dan's Speech at the Candle Light Vigil in Hong Kong

Via Charles Mok's blog comes a link to a speech by former student leader Wang Dan at the June Fourth candle light vigil held in Hong Kong this past weekend. Translated below is the final paragraph of the speech.

"[T]his is because as an opposition movement, all we have is moral power, and this is in our belief and our will. Our belief is, democracy is what China needs, it is the people's wishes and it is history's trend. It is a historical pattern that is unstoppable, and it is not what a few dictators can suppress. I think our wish is not to let China become chaotic, and it is not to simply bring down whichever political party. Our wish is in fact very simple, it is to let Chinese people live with freedom and dignity. There is a proverb in the West that says: "People who smiles until the end, has the most beautiful smile". Even though we have been through a long time of waiting, but we believe that so long as we hold on to our belief, that every year we all come to Victoria Park, unite together and make our voices heard, democracy will definitely arrive and our victory will also come. Here, I have to once again thank everyone for coming to Victoria Park to express our sadness to the victims' families, we will also once again call the Chinese Communist to end one party dictorship immediately, redress "June Fourth", and let the Chinese people have a free and dignify life. Thank you everyone."

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