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Sunday, February 18, 2007 

"Unlikable SCMP" Soon Be History?

Via Doug Crets comes a link to a post on Rebecca Mackinnon's New Media Workshop class blog where I found this incredibly funny line:
"Last week I offered HK$100 to whoever could find the news feed on SCMP.com."

Rebecca continues:
"This was actually a joke - as all of you discovered there are no feeds for SCMP text content, though there is a podcast feed."

The better news from the same post is that SCMP is finally going to offer RSS feed when it launches a new version of its website by the end of this quarter.

So the phrase "unlinkable SCMP" which has been widely used by China bloggers will soon be history.

And yes, I think the SCMP should invite internet users and bloggers to beta-test their site. (Hint: This would help SCMP get the word out about its newly redesign site while gaining insights on areas they need to improve on.)

Amy, perhaps you may want to take note of this and let your boss know?

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