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Wednesday, August 01, 2007 

More about Queen's Pier and the Conversation Movement in Hong Kong

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An excerpt of some thoughts about Queen's Pier posted on InMediaHK, translated from Chinese into English as follows:

Regardless of what the outcomes are, this scene will be written
in a story that is worth transmitting through our mouths and ears.
Even though the government would deny this history
I would still tell my future children
tell them that students who come to Hong Kong to learn a lesson about the society:
that once in upon a money worship era
a group of friends had used their flesh to fight against the government
If it was not for their fight for more than a year
the so-called collective memory would have long been forgotten by pleasure indulgence
and it would not have forced the government to rethink about conservation

However, what they strive for is not collective memory whatsoever.
This is only a one way narrative by the government and the media.
They strive for a public space
a space that allows the voice of the people from the bottom up.
A territory that once belonged to the Royalty and the Governor of Hong Kong
It is now a place where any citizen are free to hold any activities.
In the future it will belong to big shopping mall run by a hegemonic government and capitalist.
That's why for the people, not only for oneself, the fight has to go on.
They, all love this Hong Kong.


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