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i remember

Scanned copy of front page from Wen Hui Daily, June 5th 1989. Courtesy of [email protected] and her grandpa:

"This is [a fact] that time, power and money cannot twist...," [email protected] wrote, and I can't agree with more.

But what worries me these days is with so many attempts by people in power to propagate twisted versions of history, young people in Hong Kong and on the mainland who had no direct and personal experience of that part of history may easily be brainwahsed, as Derek at Mask of China recently commented, to believe that no injustices were inflicted 18 years ago.

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Ding Zilin: Lessons Learned After 18 Years

On the eve of the 18th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre, Ding Zilin and more than 20 other members of the Tiananmen Mothers have released an abridged transcript of a roundtable discussion on the commemoration of their love ones who died in the massacre, their request to the government and the groups' future plans.

There are many touching stories and words throughout the transcript. I have translated one small paragraph into English as follow:

"In the times that have past, the Tiananmen Mothers group had experienced all kinds of difficulties and hardships. But that had also broadened our horizons. [We] learned a lot of things about both inside and outside the country, as well as in the entire world. We all have gradually formed our own views on issues that pertained to China's future directions. In particular, eighteen years of difficult fights have made us gradually understood many principles. We know how to seek justice for those who died and how to strive for the rights that we have."

Transcript of the discussion (in Chinese) is here. If you could, read the entire discussion.

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