Tuesday, July 31, 2007 

Wikimania 2007

This year's Wikimania is going taking place starting this Friday (August 3).

Lots of interesting presentations and here are a few that I will definitely be looking at (some are China/Chinese-related):
Naoko Kizu: Translation for Community Building

Chia-Wei Chiu: The Study of Wiki Editing Behavior of China Wikipedian - A Case Study of Wikipedia

Haidong Pan: Democracy and business model: wikipedia and wiki ecosystem in China

Ward Cunningham, Valentin Jijkoun (TBC), James Forrester, Dirk Riehle: The future of wikis

Chao-Kuei Hung: Free Culture Advocacy: A General Strategy and Some Examples Involving Social Movement Groups and Community Universities

Isaac Mao: Knowledge Forming, Heredity, and Variation

KaKan Lo: Another role of Wikipedians: Guiding machines to do intelligent tasks

Isaac has burnt a mega feed that aggregates the latest blog posts on Wikimania. Very useful. I will skim through that from time to time as well.

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